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'40. And Still Unmarried. 

"Whew Child.. What's wrong with her?


Verneashia Allen's story, 40 and still unmarried is one that is heartfelt and that is also very timely. 40 and still unmarried is a story that characterizes the lifestyle of many black women in America, and Verneashia Allen has chosen to give them a voice through her book, 40 and still unmarried.


The reasons why and many of the factors that have led to why a woman who is successful, financially stable, physically attractive and available who wouldn’t already be married, are conveyed through the lens of the author, with her special style of expression, humor, frankness and candor.


40 and still single is a narrative that speaks for many women black women in this country who find themselves still single after 40. The questions that Verneashia Allen has asked herself, the answers, the logic and the emotions that coincide with her decisions for why she’s remained single, are illustrated and displayed in 40 and still unmarried.


The author has produced 40 and still unmarried, from the desire to honestly tell her story, for why she’s in a place in life that has brought her success in many aspects of it. Including children, a successful career, intimate love relationships, peace with God and yet she’s still unmarried.


The explanations and affirmations that are rendered in 40 and still unmarried will hopefully dispel the chatter, delusions and negative commentary about why many beautiful, successful, intelligent single moms have remained unmarried.