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Verneashia Allen
Author of

40 & Unmarried... 
"Whew Chile, what's wrong with her?"

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40 & Still Unmarried. 

"Whew Chile.. What's wrong with her?"


Verneashia shares a heartfelt and very insightful narrative that explores and characterizes the lifestyle of many black women in America who find themselves still single after 40, and she leverages her platform to give them a voice through her own personal and relatable experiences.


The numerous reasons and contributing factors that have led to the number of successful, financially stable, and attractive women who are available, yet unmarried, are conveyed through the lens of the author, with her special style of expression, humor, frankness and candor.


The questions Verneashia has asked herself, the answers, and the logic and emotions that coincide with her decisions for why she’s remained single, are all illustrated and displayed in 40 & Still Unmarried.


Through explanations and affirmations rendered in her book, the author hopes to dispel the misconceptions, chatter, and negative commentary about why many beautiful, successful, intelligent women remain unmarried.