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Books in progress by  

LeMay Imagery Publishing

Titles Coming 2021 - 2023 

Avoiding Divorce: 101. For Black Men. Vol 2.

Beauty for Ashes

Better Will

Blind Squirrel

Bug in a rug

Caleb's Song

Finding Boaz

Good Day's Bad Days

Ragga Muffin

Rude Gals Dem

Wilting Flowers

Wrestle Fest Armageddon Graphic Novel 


Titles Coming after 2024 - 2030

A River in The Desert 

Buffalo Solider. (Black officers of the civil war). 

Cigars Coffee and Cognac 

Cosmic Duality

Daughter to Experience

Dating after Divorce

Dinner and Dialysis

Falling in Love with Jesus Again

From the Projects to The Prison   

Look the part for Men

Love in The Middle of a Mess 

Notes to My Daughter 

Notes to My Sons 


Payton Place 

Poetry by LeMay Imagery

Red Soda Pop 

Self-Publishing with Amazon

Short Stories by LeMay Imagery   

Sun on My Face 

The Imagery of LeMay Imagery 

Time Hunters       

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