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The Moors of Spain 2.0

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Moors of Spain Collection

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The Women of the Moors of Spain 2.0


Dive into the enigmatic world of the Moors of Spain, brought to life on high-quality canvas.


Our "Women of the Moors of Spain" collection celebrates the spirit of the Nubian warrior women, immortalizing their fierce defense of their homeland, families, and conquests.


Each piece captures the raw reality of war, showcasing these valiant women in battle with a backdrop of rich cultural heritage from Arab, African, and Spanish influences.


Master Works: Emotional and Gritty Essence


Our canvases vividly portray both the Nubian warrior men and women, embodying the professionalism, regality, and nobility of the Moors. The attention to detail in the flowing braids, rich ebony skin, and the traditional armaments like large swords and cutlasses enhances the realism of these battle scenes. Ludwig Deutsch's influence is evident in the bold colors and dynamic compositions, adding a layer of depth and intensity to each artwork.

Experience Dynamic Action and Authentic Emotions


Witness scenes brimming with action as Nubian warrior women lead charges, their expressions intense with the fervor of battle, alongside male warriors presenting a united front. The inclusion of horses and ships in various dynamic postures adds to the vibrancy and realism, while each artwork also portrays the emotional toll of war, reflecting the grief and intensity felt by these warriors as they endure the loss of loved ones.


Own a Piece of History


Each canvas in our collection is a unique limited edition print. Once purchased, it is the only print of its size and will be immediately retired from our inventory, ensuring that you own a truly one-of-a-kind piece. This exclusive approach extends to our NFT offerings, each a unique representation of Moorish heritage and celestial navigation. Owning one of these NFTs means securing a piece of history with no further copies produced.


Categories in Our Collection


  • Women of the Moors of Spain: Warriors, Protectors, Mothers.

  • Celestial Navigators: Exploring the navigational prowess of the Moors.

  • Scribes of Time: Chronicling the historical narratives.

  • Guardians of Heritage: The Nubian Guard in their role as royal protectors.

  • The Epic Crossing of Tariq ibn-Ziyad: A pivotal moment in Moorish history.

Our Guarantee


  • Exclusivity: Each canvas and NFT is part of a limited edition, ensuring its rarity and value.

  • Quality: Minted on high-quality canvas for durability and exceptional color reproduction.

  • Direct Delivery: NFTs are delivered directly to your digital wallet, offering a seamless acquisition experience.

Explore the rich heritage of the Moors of Spain through our exclusive and limited edition works of fine art. Each piece is not just an artwork; it's a passage into the enchanting and magical world of the Moors, portrayed as celestial navigators, scribes, and royal guards. Secure your unique piece today and own a part of this illustrious history.

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