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Purchase Generative AI Game Characters

3 Separate Views: Get a comprehensive look at your character from various angles.

Unlimited Use: Once downloaded, the character is yours to use without restrictions.


Background Story: Dive into the character's narrative and weave them into your world. Bonus: Original Drawing: Marvel at the artistry with an included original drawing of your character.


Initial Draft Proof Turnaround: Experience the excitement sooner! Receive the initial draft proof of your character promptly. Note: Stable diffusion and seed used in generation are not part of the purchase and remains the property of LeMay Imagery.

Computer Game Characters

  • Welcome to LeMay Imagery Media's

    Computer Game Character Portal!


    Step into a realm of boundless creativity, innovation, and technology, where generic game characters are history, and limitless customization is reality! Discover the magic of our AI-generated characters, designed to captivate gamers and developers alike. Our extensive gallery features characters with 3 unique views, that are delivered as camera ready jpg's.


    Want a character tailored precisely to your vision? Simply upload your own prompt (text to image data), and witness your dream character come to life.