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The Rufus Buck Gang was an outlaw multi-racial gang whose members were part African American and part Creek Indian.[1] Their crime spree took place in the Indian Territory of the Arkansas-Oklahoma area from July 30 through August 4 of 1895.

Formed by Rufus Buck, the gang consisted also of Lewis Davis, Sam Sampson, Maoma July, and Lucky Davis. The gang began building up a small stockpile of weapons while staying in Okmulgee, Oklahoma. After killing U.S. deputy marshal John Garrett on July 30, 1895, the gang began holding up various stores and ranches in the Fort Smith area during the next two weeks. In one incident, a salesman named Callahan – after being robbed – was offered a chance to escape if he could outrun the gang. When the elderly Callahan successfully escaped, the gang killed his assistant in frustration. At least two women victims who were raped by the gang died of their injuries.[2]

Rufus Buck