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    Be influential · Be impacting · Publish your book


    Have you always wanted to publish a book? Look no further! LeMayImagery Publishing is your perfect partner on this exciting journey of bringing your words to life.


    Additional Publishing Services:


    • Audio Books: Let your words resonate with the world through captivating audio productions.
    • Amazon / Kindle Publishing: Reach a vast audience with digital editions available on Amazon and Kindle platforms.
    • Books In Progress: Collaborate with us to nurture your ideas and works in progress.
    • Book Signings: Engage with your readers and fans through exciting book signing events.
    • Custom Book Cover Designs: Get eye-catching and unique book covers tailored to your story's essence.
    • Cartoons: Add a touch of humor and creativity with customized cartoons for your book.
    • Content Editing: Polish your writing with our meticulous content editing services.
    • Graphic Novels: Unleash your creativity and tell a visual story with our graphic novel services.
    • Inspirational Novels: Share your inspiring stories that touch hearts and minds.
    • Magazines and Journals: Publish your articles and works in renowned magazines and journals.
    • Manuscript Reviews: Get insightful feedback to refine and enhance your manuscript.
    • Podcasts: Reach a broader audience by turning your book into engaging podcasts.
    • Poetry: Celebrate the beauty of language through captivating poetry collections.
    • Proxy Writing: Collaborate with our skilled writers to bring your ideas to fruition.
    • Master Classes: Hone your writing skills with guidance from seasoned authors.
    • Meet The Author Events: Connect with your readers on a personal level at special author events.
    • Self Publishing Resources: Access a wealth of resources to support your self-publishing journey.
    • Speaking Engagements: Inspire others with your words and ideas through public speaking engagements.
    • Short Stories: Share your captivating short stories with the world.
    • Storytelling: Weave narratives that resonate and captivate your readers.
    • Writing Coaching: Get personalized coaching to unleash your full writing potential.
    • Creativity · Innovation · Technology

      Print on Demand: Efficiency ·Environmental Responsibility


      At LeMay Imagery Publishing, we embrace modern printing technologies that enable Print on Demand (POD). This means your books are printed only when they are purchased, eliminating the need for storage and reducing waste. It's a win-win for both authors and the environment!


      Self-Publishing Made Accessible

      Say goodbye to the high costs and complexities of big publishers. With LeMay Imagery Publishing, self-publishing has never been more accessible. We empower you to take control of your publishing journey, from start to finish.


      Quick Turnaround Time

      Your time is valuable, and we understand that. With LeMay Imagery Publishing, you can expect changes and edits to your content completed within 48 hours, so you can share your story without delay.


      Your Story, Your Influence

      Everyone has a story to tell, and we believe yours is worth sharing. Unleash your creativity, influence hearts and minds, and finally, publish your book with LeMay Imagery Publishing.


      Don't wait any longer; let's embark on this incredible publishing adventure together. Contact us today to start your author journey with LeMay Imagery Publishing. Your words matter!

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