This book is the first of two and is a fictional depiction and is a collaboration of the
Samaritan Text, the Bible, Egyptian Mythology, Aruba religion, The Emerald Tablets, Hermetic Teachings, and some of the former Earth’s Eastern Religions.

The year is 2354 in Earth years. The place is the planet Saturn within the galaxy known as the milky way. Most of the elite humans have migrated from earth to Mars or to Saturn and are co habituating with other solar beings and artificial intelligence instances. The former Earth is now a quarantined planet and an intergalactic industrial complex and is also used as a training ground for intergalactic wrestlers.

These solar beings originally came to our galaxy seeking to share their insights of the cosmos with humans and then they embedded their DNA within the original Homo Erectus species who were Nubians. iVision Dynamics later digs deep into the cradle of civilization, on earth as we know it. To extract the DNA of the Kushite’s, and the Kemet’s. Because of their superior physiological and Metaphysical abilities.

Our heroes, Wrestle Fest lead by Coffee, are later enlisted to fight an onslaught of dubious protagonists. Who are led by Satan. Lucifer, the arch enemy of all the cosmos enlists the help of every villain or being who has ever been in opposition to the Most-High God.

Anyone who has opposed God, has now been enrolled in Satan’s plot to take over the Cosmos. Lucifer has also deceived and engaged many of the people of God, to fight against God, in a scheme to take over time, itself.

The Wrestle Fest team losses the battle for time and is defeated by the protagonists, (RED). The protagonists are then ultimately overcome and are defeated by the Most-high god’s who are (Shango and Oshun). In a prophetic battle known as, Wrestle Fest Armageddon.

Wrestlefest Armageddon. The Militia