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LeMay Imagery Multi-Media Services

3D Sculpture


LeMay Imagery Multi-Media offers animation services of computer game characters. We also have our own brand computer animated characters for lease or for purchase.

Coffee Cartoon Digital.jpg


LeMay Imagery Multi-Media offers portraiture illustration, computer game character illustration and fashion illustration. We also have our own brand of computer game illustrated characters for lease or for purchase.

Designing on a Tablet

LeMay Imagery Multi-Media offers web-site design and S.E.O. configuration tools that drive traffic to your site faster and increases your sites visibility and digital footprint.

Woman with Laptop

LeMay Imagery Multi-Media has partnered with a dynamic financial guru who has developed and shares her  nuggets and proven methods for harnessing revenue from commonly overlooked opportunities to earn money, independently. 


LeMay Imagery Multi-Media offers studio photography, author head shots photography, portraiture photography and wedding photography services



LeMay Imagery Publishing creates, publishes and markets are own brand of books and other publications, in various genres.  We also market and host a platform for authors to showcase and to sell their own books as well. 

Offset Printing Machine

LeMay Imagery Publishing offers print on demand book publishing though Kindle/Amazon. We also offer Business automation and professional services for the establishment and the enhancement of your business. 


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