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A.i. Generated Game Charcters

Pepper Brown_edited.png
Pepper Brown_edited.png

Professor Pepper Brown, the visionary physicist and scholar who has earned intergalactic recognition for her groundbreaking work in DNA manipulation and time travel. Alongside her esteemed spouse, Professor Davis LeMay VII, she stands as a remarkable force in the scientific community.

Beyond her scientific achievements, Pepper draws inspiration from the historic first black presidential family in America, the Obamas, embodying unity and progress with her husband. Her career has been dedicated to developing cutting-edge technologies while educating the Nubian race about their rich heritage.


She tirelessly works to undo the psychological trauma and identity struggles that have plagued her people for millennia, stemming from the history of the former United States on Earth.

In addition to her contributions to science, Professor Brown is a trailblazer in entrepreneurship. She founded the Institute of Kemmetic Sciences and Technology, a hub of knowledge and innovation. Her visionary mind also gave rise to the flourishing time travel tour business, unlocking the secrets of the cosmos for adventurous souls.

Professor Brown's acuity in business enables her to secure capital from diverse intergalactic sources, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange across civilizations. Her most significant contribution is the development of the metaphysical technique known as "Centering," a transformative form of vibration revolutionizing intergalactic time travel and mental transformation.

Inspired by ancient biblical texts and alchemical studies with her father, Thoth, Pepper Brown merges scientific prowess with ancient wisdom, unlocking new realms of mental alchemy and breaking the generational curses from cultural traumas that have plagued the Nubian race for millennia.

As a guiding light in the realms of physics and intergalactic exploration, Professor Pepper Brown's legacy extends far beyond the scientific community. Her work transcends time and space, leaving an indelible mark on the history of knowledge, unity, and the pursuit of truth and justice. Through her corporation, Soul Glow, she advocates for progress, eliminating organized religion on former planet Earth and fostering the transformative practice of "Centering" across galaxies.

Embodying unity, progress, and spiritual awakening, Professor Pepper Brown paves the way for a brighter future, where wisdom and knowledge harmonize to create a truly enlightened and enlightened civilization.

Anubis Last_edited.jpg

Anubis, known as Inpu or Anpu in Ancient Egyptian, serves as the god of funerary rites, protector of graves, and guide to the underworld. Often depicted with the head of a jackal or as a full jackal, he plays a crucial role in the afterlife alongside Mother Maat.

In Egyptian mythology, Anubis helps judge souls after their passing and leads them to the afterlife. He guides the deceased through the Hall of Judgment, where their hearts are weighed against the feather of Maat.


If their hearts prove pure and balanced, Anubis ensures their safe journey into the realm of the gods.

Contrary to being evil, Anubis is a benevolent and significant figure. He safeguards and assists departed souls, ensuring they find their rightful place in the cosmic order of the afterlife based on their conduct during life.


His anthropomorphic form, either as a jackal or a man with a jackal head, symbolizes his role in funerary practices and care for the deceased.

Coffee New 2023_edited_edited.png


Coffee - The Original Cyber Human. The first-ever Autonomous Artificial Intelligence Combat Unit (AACU), developed by iVision Dynamics Corporation in 1941. Coffee's creation marked a groundbreaking advancement in cybernetics, making her the pioneering cyborg in history.


As the initial AACU prototype, her design was specifically crafted to aid the Allied forces during World War II in countering the cunning strategies of the Nazi soldiers. The Nazis had devised a tactic of hiding behind hedgerows in England and Normandy, ambushing the unsuspecting Allied soldiers. Coffee's unique high-jumping functionality was designed to overcome this challenge and give the Allied forces a tactical advantage.

But what truly set Coffee apart was her cosmic Nubian DNA, extracted from the ancient Moors of Spain. This DNA infusion granted her superhuman strength, unparalleled mental acuity, and an innate ability to execute complex attack strategies and evasive maneuvers with ease and precision. On the battlefield, Coffee was an agile, stealthy, and highly intelligent war machine, capable of outsmarting and outmaneuvering her adversaries.

Her bio-electrical anatomical design was inspired by the physical traits of her ancient cosmic Nubian ancestors, including their celestial navigation skills. Coffee's prowess in naval and aviation navigation, as well as her supernatural mental powers, all stemmed from the wisdom and knowledge of the Moors of Spain - brilliant mathematicians, scientists, doctors, and celestial navigators.

Throughout the war, Coffee's remarkable abilities shifted the tide of battles in favor of the Allied forces, proving once again the significant contributions of Black individuals in historical campaigns. Just like the valiant 54th regiment during the Civil War or the heroic Tuskegee Airmen of WWII, Coffee's name will forever be etched in history as one of the greatest combat units.

After the war, Coffee was decommissioned and settled into her new role as a decorated retired military veteran, bestowed with the gift of immortality. However, her leadership and fighting skills were called upon once again when she became the team leader of the "Wrestle Fest Team" - an intergalactic wrestling team that competes in the "Intergalactic Wrestling Federation."

In the wrestling ring, Coffee wields another unique skill. When her opponent is on the ropes or down, she demands them to call her name, "Coffee." If they refuse, they'll feel the ominous slap of her left robotic arm - famously known as "The Pimp Slap."


Coffee's legacy as the Original Cyber Human lives on, making her a true legend in both the world of warfare and intergalactic wrestling.

image (87) (1).png
image (87) (1).png

Erik Eichktvonstien

Professor Erik Eichktvonstien, the enigmatic creator of the Reptosapien species, a character full of intrigue and complexity. With an apple in his hand, symbolizing the forbidden fruit eaten by Eve, he embodies a sense of rebellion and ambition.


His wild and eccentric hair, reminiscent of Albert Einstein, suggests a brilliant mind that delves into unexplored territories of science and experimentation.

Visually, Professor Eickvonstien is a distinguished older man with disheveled, unkempt, and wild long electric-like hair that exudes a sense of chaotic brilliance.


His features are sharp and defined, reflecting his intellect and determination. In his cyborg scientist clothing, he appears dedicated to pushing the boundaries of scientific discovery. Driven by a relentless thirst for knowledge, Professor Eickvonstien delved into daring experiments, but little did he know that temptation lurked around the corner.


Satan saw the potential of the Reptosapiens and tempted Professor Eickvonstien with promises of power and dominion over the cosmic forces. Faced with the allure of such possibilities, he grappled with the ethical implications of his creation.

Nevertheless, Professor Eickvonstien's visionary mind prevailed, and he steered his work towards a greater purpose. He intended to combat the powerful cosmic Nubians, who sought to take over all of time. King, the first of the Reptosapiens, played a pivotal role in this plan, and together, they formed the RED (Repto Sapien Extraterrestrial Dynasty).

Drawing inspiration from the extraterrestrial nomads from various galaxies, Professor Eickvonstien merged their DNA with that of the Reptosapiens. These nomadic beings, considered pseudo-humans, had no place of their own nor their own anatomy.


Yet, under the guidance of Professor Eickvonstien, they found a god in him and a sense of belonging within the RED. As a creator, Professor Eickvonstien loves his creations, viewing himself as their god. His passion for reshaping the course of history and giving the Reptosapiens a sense of belonging and purpose fuels his ambitions.

Within his hand, the apple symbolizes both knowledge and the struggle between temptation and the pursuit of higher purposes. His brilliant and rebellious nature, coupled with his scientific genius, makes him a fascinating and formidable figure in the unfolding cosmic drama.


King, the enigmatic leader of the RED (Reptosapien Extraterrestrial Dynasty), a unique blend of human, reptile, and cyborg. As the first of his kind, King embodies a powerful fusion of these diverse elements, making him a force to be reckoned with.

Part reptile, King possesses an otherworldly aura that sets him apart from ordinary humans. His reptilian traits grant him incredible abilities and strength, making him a formidable figure in any encounter.

However, his cyborg enhancements add an extra layer of complexity to his persona, infusing him with advanced technology and unmatched prowess.

Beyond his extraordinary physical attributes, King's leadership qualities shine through as he guides the Reptosapien community.


The Reptosapien are a ruthless and sinister breed, driven by a sinister mission to annihilate those who align themselves with the Most-High God. Yet, King seeks to provide them with a sense of belonging and purpose, forming the RED to establish a shared identity and culture for these nomadic space travelers.

Dr. Eickvonstein, the mastermind behind King's creation, merged the DNA of reptiles, humans, and extraterrestrial nomads from various galaxies. The extraterrestrials, known as pseudo humans, had no home or anatomy of their own. However, under the guidance of Dr. Eickvonstein, they found a god in him and a sense of belonging within the RED.

King's love for his unique kind is evident in his devotion to leading them and ensuring their survival. Muscular and imposing, he embodies the essence of his blended lineage, an unparalleled combination of strength, intelligence, and leadership.

As the leader of the RED, King wields immense power, shaping the destiny of his people and forging a path through the vast unknowns of the cosmos. His existence challenges conventional notions of identity and origins, making him a truly remarkable and formidable being in the universe.

image (65)_edited_edited.png

Professor Davis LeMay VII

Professor Davis LeMay VII is a highly accomplished African American man who is an astrophysicist who is known for his expertise in the fields of time travel, cryogenics and DNA manipulation. He is dedicated, knowledgeable, and passionate about unravelling the mysteries of time travel, cryogenics and DNA manipulation. His work ethic and intellect have earned her respect within the galactic scientific community.


In his professional setting, Professor Brown often wears tightly fitted short sleeved dress shirts and a tie. He is known for his sharp intellect and analytical skills, which are complemented by his glasses, aiding him in his scientific research and studies. His natural afro hair style accentuates his athletic and muscular physique.


In the year 2354, Professor Davis LeMay IV stands as a prominent figure in the scientific community, revered for his expertise in astrophysics, time travel, cryogenics, and DNA manipulation. As an African American man, he has broken barriers and achieved recognition through his dedication and unrivaled knowledge in these fields.


Professor LeMay's professional attire typically consists of tightly fitted short-sleeved dress shirts and a tie, reflecting his meticulous nature and attention to detail. His choice of glasses enhances his sharp intellect and analytical abilities, aiding him in his scientific research and studies. With his natural afro hairstyle, he exudes a sense of athleticism and strength, which complements his muscular physique.


In the realm of galactic science, Professor Davis LeMay IV is admired not only for his groundbreaking discoveries but also for his commitment to unravelling the mysteries of time, cryogenics, and DNA manipulation. His contributions have paved the way for advancements in these fields and earned him the respect and admiration of his peers. His natural afro hair style accentuates his athletic and muscular physique.

Mother Maat

Mother Maat, the ancient Egyptian goddess known for truth, justice, and cosmic harmony. Imagine a powerful and majestic figure who embodies these divine qualities in a captivating way.

Mother Maat stands tall, radiating wisdom and calmness. She's like the wise grandmother who always knows what's right. Her confidence shows that she's the one you can trust to keep things fair and balanced.

On her head, you'll find a unique feather – an ostrich feather to be exact. This feather holds special meaning. It represents truth itself! When people pass on from this world, their hearts are weighed against this feather in the Hall of Judgment.

According to Ancient Egyptian mythology, after the death of the body, everyone had to pass through the Hall of Judgment, where a person's heart was weighed on a scale against Ma'at's feather of truth. If the deceased person's heart balanced with Ma'at's feather, they could continue their journey to the Afterlife.


If their hearts are as light as the feather, they can journey on to the afterlife, guided by Mother Maat.

But there's more to her. Notice her graceful wings? They symbolize her ability to guide souls to higher places, beyond the boundaries of our world.

In the backdrop, you'll see ancient Egyptian temples with mysterious symbols and drawings. It's like peeking into a time long gone. The colors and patterns transport you to a world of wonder and awe.

And that drawing you provided? It fits right in! It captures Mother Maat's essence perfectly – the guardian of truth, cosmic harmony, and justice.

So, when you look at this artwork, remember the significance of the feather and the scales. They represent the heart of Mother Maat – the one who ensures that truth prevails and fairness rules in the afterlife and beyond.

It is also important to remember that Mother Maat is for writing the original 42 laws, that Moses codified as 10 laws.   

Screen Shot 2023-07-20 at 7.43_edited.jpg
Coffee New 2023_edited_edited.png


Thoth, the ancient scribe and writer of the Emerald Tablets, a being of extraordinary powers that transcend time and space. Possessing a muscular and formidable physique, Thoth exudes an aura of mysticism and wisdom, clad in flowing robes the color of emerald, carrying the essence of the ancient and sacred.

As Thoth travels through inter-dimensional time portals, a remarkable sight unfolds. Floating amidst these portals, he holds an emerald green writing tablet, radiating a mesmerizing glow. Intricate symbols and hieroglyphics come alive as Thoth's hand gracefully moves across its surface.

Through the vast expanses of time and space, Thoth captures profound insights and cosmic revelations, etching them onto the emerald tablet with mystical energy. The tablet serves as a conduit, absorbing and channeling the knowledge and wisdom of the ages.

Guided by the illuminating emerald tablet, Thoth glides through inter-dimensional realms, uncovering hidden knowledge and forgotten civilizations. He embodies the role of the keeper of ancient wisdom and the conduit between realms, bridging the past, present, and future.

In a serene and focused state, Thoth's physical body suspends in mid-air, surrounded by ethereal energies. The emerald tablet hovers before him, emanating vibrant green light, symbolizing the intensity of his connection to cosmic forces. Inter-dimensional time portals swirl around him, intertwining with the tablet's luminous energy.

As the divine recorder and messenger of cosmic truths, Thoth embodies wisdom, communicating the secrets of the universe. He is the god of the moon, sacred texts, mathematics, sciences, magic, and patron of scribes. Credited with creating writing, inventing the calendar, and controlling space and time.


Thoth's role extended to that of a messenger and bookkeeper for the funerary deities. Recording the verdict of the heart-weighing ceremony for the Afterlife, he determined if a person's spirit could pass based on the balance with Maat's Feather of Truth. Thoth's enigmatic presence and multifaceted role as a cosmic sage and messenger inspire awe and reverence, embodying the timeless knowledge of the ages. 

Additionally, Thoth is the revered father of alchemy and the progenitor of hermetic teachings. The science of alchemy, a profound art of transformation and transmutation, was born from Thoth's wisdom and understanding of the hidden mysteries of the universe. His hermetic teachings, encompassing the principles of correspondence, vibration, polarity, rhythm, cause and effect, gender, and mentalism, have guided seekers of knowledge throughout the ages.

With unparalleled insight, Thoth delves into the esoteric and metaphysical realms, unveiling the interconnectedness of all things in the cosmos. His teachings have laid the groundwork for spiritual seekers to explore the depths of the human soul and attain higher consciousness.

As the master of alchemy and hermetic wisdom, Thoth imparts the transformative power of self-discovery and inner alchemy, leading seekers on the path of enlightenment and spiritual ascension. His legacy endures, inspiring generations to seek the hidden truths and cosmic wisdom that lie beyond the veil of reality.

Thoth, the ancient scribe, writer of the Emerald Tablets, and father of alchemy and hermetics, stands as an enigmatic figure, guiding humanity on a profound journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth. His contributions to ancient knowledge and timeless wisdom continue to shape the understanding of the universe and the mysteries it holds.

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