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COFFEE - The Original Cyber Human

Wrestle Fest Team Lead


Coffee - The Original Cyber Human. The first-ever Autonomous Artificial Intelligence Combat Unit (AACU), developed by iVision Dynamics Corporation in 1941. Coffee's creation marked a groundbreaking advancement in cybernetics, making her the pioneering cyborg in history.


As the initial AACU prototype, her design was specifically crafted to aid the Allied forces during World War II in countering the cunning strategies of the Nazi soldiers. The Nazis had devised a tactic of hiding behind hedgerows in England and Normandy, ambushing the unsuspecting Allied soldiers. Coffee's unique high-jumping functionality was designed to overcome this challenge and give the Allied forces a tactical advantage.


But what truly set Coffee apart was her cosmic Nubian DNA, extracted from the ancient Moors of Spain. This DNA infusion granted her superhuman strength, unparalleled mental acuity, and an innate ability to execute complex attack strategies and evasive maneuvers with ease and precision. On the battlefield, Coffee was an agile, stealthy, and highly intelligent war machine, capable of outsmarting and outmaneuvering her adversaries.


Her bio-electrical anatomical design was inspired by the physical traits of her ancient cosmic Nubian ancestors, including their celestial navigation skills. Coffee's prowess in naval and aviation navigation, as well as her supernatural mental powers, all stemmed from the wisdom and knowledge of the Moors of Spain - brilliant mathematicians, scientists, doctors, and celestial navigators.


Throughout the war, Coffee's remarkable abilities shifted the tide of battles in favor of the Allied forces, proving once again the significant contributions of Black individuals in historical campaigns. Just like the valiant 54th regiment during the Civil War or the heroic Tuskegee Airmen of WWII, Coffee's name will forever be etched in history as one of the greatest combat units.


After the war, Coffee was decommissioned and settled into her new role as a decorated retired military veteran, bestowed with the gift of immortality. However, her leadership and fighting skills were called upon once again when she became the team leader of the "Wrestle Fest Team" - an intergalactic wrestling team that competes in the "Intergalactic Wrestling Federation."


In the wrestling ring, Coffee wields another unique skill. When her opponent is on the ropes or down, she demands them to call her name, "Coffee." If they refuse, they'll feel the ominous slap of her left robotic arm - famously known as "The Pimp Slap."


Coffee's legacy as the Original Cyber Human lives on, making her a true legend in both the world of warfare and intergalactic wrestling.


Last Appearance: Wrestle Fest Armageddon. 

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