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Finding Ruth. And keeping her happy.

The sequel to finding Boaz. Ruth and Boaz have both been predestined by God himself to facilitate the redemption of their tribes through the marriage of Boaz and Ruth. As destiny and God’s will would have it, Ruth and Boaz find themselves at an unlikely impasse that crosses cultural and patriarchal inhibitions and they become one, through marriage.


The book illustrates the perpetual state of preparation that a man goes through when he is in search of his life partner, comparable to the main character, Boaz. To attract her and to be better equipped to facilitate him flourishing in a relationship, once he’s married to her. Comparable to what Boaz would have done.

The book also examines some of the pervasive, patriarchal patterns and nuances of the day that were used by men to confine, to control and to marginalize women within their cultures. The book draws comparisons and evokes contemplation about the correlations between the practices that were used during Ruth’s era and that are currently used throughout the Middle East and in the United States today, to exclude and to demean women of color.


Finding Ruth offers tangible examples of how to allow yourself to become yielded to your prospective soul mate and to God’s will as well. The book also shows the lengths that a man will and should be willing to go to when he believes that he has found the woman that he knows is the woman that God has predestined for him to be with. Despite their circumstances, Boaz and Ruth marry as intended by God and they become the ancestors of Jesus Christ.


Romance and Pink Magnolias a Fictional Novel

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