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Look The Part

Look The Part. 101: Is a Men’s Fashion journal that offers practical advice on how to enhance their image by improving their wardrobe. We wanted to produce a Men’s fashion journal that would help men to better understand the intricacies of men’s clothing and how their attire can enhance their image by improving their wardrobe.


We wanted to create a Men’s fashion journal that our customers could reference at their leisure. Dress the part was born from the idea that Men’s fashion should be celebrated and embraced and that clothing shouldn’t be seen as just something to put on or to just cover up the body with. We also wanted to disseminate good fashion advice for our clients and to others to use a guide for how to dress for any occasion.


So, I tapped into young Dapper Vincent Rosser’s wealth of knowledge as a professional tailor and decided to pair it with my own love and experience with Men’s fashion to develop the concept of the book. Our relationship was started at Nordstrom’s Men’s in Atlanta Georgia over the 2021 Christmas shopping season and the rest is history.


I remember fondly how one day when I asked Vincent what the difference was between a two show three and a two show four-button configuration on a double-breasted jacket, he knew off of the top of his head.Young Vincent’s work ethics and attention to detail was very impressive to me and it was comparable to that of the British tailors that I’d worked with while living in the commonwealth, decades before. I hadn’t seen such craftsmanship and knowledge of tailoring since those days.


We started by simply talking about the day-to-day questions that some of our clients had regarding clothing and also about their clothing needs and then we’d brainstorm at our weekly meetings to develop content around the format of the book. We began to compile all that we knew collectively about men’s fashion and tailoring and all of the data that we could derive about the subject matter. Allen Flusser’s, Dressing The Man was one of our main go to books’ for style and technical information as well as the vendors that Nordstrom sold, and that we sold to our clients.


Such as Armani, Peter Millar, Canali, Hugo Boss, Hickey Freeman, Hart Shafer and Marx and Ted Baker. Each of these brands has their own distinctive styles; cuts and each brand has their own way of accentuating the man’s physique. I realized that many of my customers didn’t really understand how fabric, the cut and the design of a suit could either compliment their physique or make a statement about it that would be the polar opposite.


One of the things that I’d always loved about Nordstrom is their standards of excellence when it came to fashion. The expectation was on the personal stylist to advise the client but Nordstrom hosted the merchandise and facilitated the environment to showcase them in a tasteful, inviting and eclectic atmosphere. Nordstrom created a platform for myself and countless others to have a flourishing career in retail and in high fashion.Fashion can be one way that a man can convey how he sees the world around him and what he also thinks about himself. His personal taste and style is a projection of his ideas about how best to present himself to the world around him.


He also recognizes his influence on the people around him through his fashion.This is the man that understands that his self awareness is rendered and displayed in his bravado by his personal tastes and style through fashion.There is a certain bravado, gravitas and panache that a man that appreciates good fashion, has. His fashion sense is also an expression of his creativity, his personality and his lifestyle.


This gentleman knows that what he puts in his body is as important as what he puts on it. So, he is careful and intentional about both. The man that has these tendencies values and understands that image is everything. It is my personal belief that the human body shouldn’t only be attired properly and stylishly but also that it should be celebrated. I believe that attending to the physical aspects of the body are just as important as tending to the care of how your outward appearance is as well and that the two coincide with each other and the man that values good fashion generally will also have a physical fitness regimen that he lives by, and he’s careful to not neglect.


With this philosophy in mind I set out to publish a book that encompassed all of these ideologies as well as strong and credible technical content that would help to show men how to feel comfortable and more confident in their suit.


Romance and Pink Magnolias a Fictional Novel

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