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Romance and Pink Magnolias Pre-Order. Dec -2024

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Pre-Order. Dec -2024


Set against the timeless charm of Savannah, Georgia, "Romance and Pink Magnolias" tells the story of Ellen Smith and Mitch May, who find themselves unexpectedly swept up in a whirlwind romance. Ellen, a grounded business project manager, has always lived a life of practicality. Mitch, a writer with a soulful gaze and poetic heart, sees in her a depth he longs to explore.

As their initial casual dates evolve, they venture on a weekend getaway to a sunlit antebellum mansion in Savannah. Here, beneath the fragrant magnolias, what begins as simple companionship blossoms into a passionate affair, sparked over a brunch that Mitch, shirtless and confident, prepares with care.

Their connection deepens rapidly, with each shared smile and touch under the Georgian sky. When Ellen leads Mitch back through the mansion's French doors, it marks not just the start of a new day but the beginning of a profound emotional journey.

"Romance and Pink Magnolias" weaves a tale of mature love rediscovered in the beauty of Savannah, punctuated by the iconic blooms of the South. This story captures the essence of unexpected love and the transformative power of connection, making it more than just a getaway but a memorable escape into the heart of romance.


Romance and Pink Magnolias a Fictional Novel