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The Work Around. Overcoming Adversity through Faith

The Work Around is an inspirational novel that offers some practical guidelines as a blueprint for Men to avoid a divorce. It is intended to be a reference material for men to use to know, “what not to do in an intimate relationship. So that he will be able to cultivate and to flourish in his marriage. “


The Work Around also examines the extreme and harsh measures that a woman is potentially capable of when she doesn’t receive the love and attention that she desires and so deserves. “The Work Around also offers insight into and takes a close look at a real person’s experience with handling an extremely difficult challenge, such as a divorce. We all go through difficult seasons in life from time to time.


“The Work Around is a self-help resource that can be used to illustrate to any one that as a season changes, the situation will change also in time.



Dee H

Great Novel!

Reviewed on May 4, 2020

The Work Around holds you captive from the 1st chapter throughout the entire novel. The author does a phenomenal job at engaging his audience and taking you on a ride through every emotion known to man. I often felt like I was actually present in his experiences....I've never read a book that captured me in this way; and made me feel so empathetic to the characters' plight and been made to cry, laugh, self reflect all in one chapter..This is best seller material and would really make a great stage play!

Monique Hyler

"The Work Around will not disappoint"

Reviewed on August 17, 2018

The Work Around is a powerful novel of suspense which I enjoyed.. it has me anticipating the sequel and more to come from the author .. very interesting and suspenseful as well as being a very enlightening and inspirational the book made me want to cry as well as laugh because even though it was written about a serious matter it also has a light humor of certain situations that occurred.. did not disappoint waiting patiently on the next book from LeMay.


Romance and Pink Magnolias a Fictional Novel

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