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The Nubian Guard
The Celestial Plain The Moors of Spain Series LeMay Imagery Publishing
The Celestial Navigation Plane. The Moors of Spain Series. LeMay Imagery Publishing

The Moors of Spain

Welcome to the Exclusive Limited Editions by LeMay Imagery: Moors of Spain Collection!

Discover a unique and captivating journey through history with our meticulously crafted custom art pieces. Each work of art is an exclusive and limited edition, ensuring that you own a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.


LeMay Imagery takes pride in offering you the opportunity to own a piece of artistry that won't be reproduced or reprinted – making your acquisition truly exceptional.

The Scribe Moors of Spain Series.jpg
The Scribe. The Moors of Spain Series

The Scribe

The Moors of Spain employed various methods to record and preserve information, reflecting the diverse intellectual and cultural achievements of Al-Andalus. Here are some of the methods used by the Moors for recording:

  1. Manuscript Illumination: Scribes often created illuminated manuscripts, embellishing written texts with intricate illustrations, decorative motifs, and vibrant colors. These manuscripts were not only repositories of knowledge but also works of art.

  2. Calligraphy: The art of beautiful writing, calligraphy, was highly valued by the Moors. Skilled calligraphers used a variety of scripts to transcribe religious texts, scientific treatises, and literary works. The aesthetic quality of calligraphy was considered a form of artistic expression.

  3. Historical Chronicles: Scribes compiled historical chronicles that provided a detailed account of events, battles, and rulers. These chronicles served as a primary source for understanding the history of Al-Andalus.

  4. Arabic Numerals: The Moors played a significant role in introducing Arabic numerals to Europe. This numeral system, which we use today, facilitated advanced mathematical calculations and record-keeping.

  5. Scientific Manuscripts: Advancements in science and medicine were documented in manuscripts that included detailed illustrations, diagrams, and observations. These scientific records contributed to the dissemination of knowledge across different disciplines.

  6. Astrolabes and Instruments: The Moors were skilled astronomers, and they used instruments like astrolabes for celestial observations. Records of astronomical phenomena were made, contributing to advancements in astronomy.

  7. Architectural Inscriptions: Important buildings and monuments were often inscribed with calligraphic inscriptions, providing information about the construction, purpose, and patrons of these structures.

  8. Legal Documents: Scribes were involved in the creation of legal documents, recording laws, contracts, and other legal proceedings. These documents were essential for the administration of justice and governance.

  9. Genealogical Trees: Family genealogies and lineages were meticulously recorded, often in the form of illustrated genealogical trees. These documents traced the ancestry of noble families and leaders.

  10. Mosaics and Artwork: Decorative arts, including mosaics and intricate tilework, were used to convey stories and historical events. These artistic representations adorned palaces, mosques, and other significant structures.

  11. Epistolary Literature: Letters and correspondences between scholars, rulers, and individuals were a form of written communication. These letters often contained discussions on various topics, contributing to the exchange of ideas.

  12. Geographical Treatises: Scribes created geographical treatises that documented knowledge about different regions, trade routes, and natural features. These works were valuable for navigation and exploration.

The combination of artistic expression, scientific precision, and meticulous documentation demonstrates the multi-faceted approach the Moors of Spain took in recording their achievements and knowledge. These diverse methods contributed to the flourishing intellectual and cultural environment of Al-Andalus.

Celestail Navigators. The Moors of Spain Series.
Celestial Navigators · Moors of Spain Series

Celestial Navigators

Sailors to the Stars: Navigating Celestial Realms

Embark on an extraordinary journey with our "Sailors to the Stars" collection, where the Moors of Spain are magnificently depicted as celestial navigators, charting courses not only across the earthly seas but also through the boundless expanses of the cosmos.


Artistic Representation:

Artist, LeMay Imagery skillfully capture the regality and sophistication of Moorish sailors donned in celestial attire. Distinguished beards, vibrant colors inspired by Ludwig Deutsch's palette, and intricately designed garments bring to life the opulence and grandeur of these celestial seafarers.

Tools of the Celestial Trade:

Witness the mastery of Moorish celestial navigation through animated depictions showcasing advanced tools. Compasses with animated needles aligning with the stars, celestial maps unfurling cosmic secrets, and navigational instruments guiding the sailors through astral currents create a mesmerizing tableau. The intricate fusion of science and artistry embodies the sophistication of Moorish knowledge.

Time and Space Travel:

The animated artworks go beyond the mundane, portraying Moorish sailors not only as earthly navigators but as time and space travelers. Celestial ships glide through stardust, carrying the Moors on mythical voyages through epochs and distant galaxies. The depiction of time portals and interstellar travel captures the pioneering spirit of Moorish exploration, centuries ahead of its time.

Protectors of Celestial Trade Routes:

Just as the Moors guarded earthly trade routes, our animated sailors take on the role of celestial guardians. Navigating through astral passages, they protect the cosmic highways, ensuring safe passage for celestial caravans. This symbolic representation highlights their significance in enhancing the prosperity of celestial territories.


Cultural Ambassadors of the Cosmos:

Animated as cultural ambassadors, these celestial sailors engage in dynamic knowledge exchange with cosmic entities. The animated scenes depict interstellar conversations, enriching the celestial diversity of the cosmos. The Moors, true to their historical role, become conduits of cultural exchange beyond the earthly realm.


Legacy in the Stars:

The "Sailors to the Stars" collection captures not just a moment in time but a legacy written in the stars. Animated depictions of historical events, battles, and conquests echo through the cosmic expanse, ensuring that the Moorish legacy is preserved not only on Earth but eternally in the celestial tapestry.

Experience the awe-inspiring narrative of Moorish sailors navigating the celestial realms, where art and history converge to create a visual symphony that transcends earthly boundaries. Explore the "Sailors to the Stars" collection and own a piece of this celestial odyssey.

Celestial Navigators: Ancient gods and Cosmic Communicators

Step into the mystical realm of the Moors of Spain, where their celestial navigators are not merely explorers but revered as ancient gods endowed with the ability to communicate with extraterrestrial beings. Drawing inspiration from their distant Nubian and Egyptian cousins, particularly the revered Thoth, the time-traveler, this collection unveils a narrative that transcends time and space.

Divine Communication:

In the "Sailors to the Stars" collection, the Moors of Spain are portrayed as divine beings, capable of communing with extraterrestrial entities. Their celestial attire and regal demeanor reflect an otherworldly connection, symbolizing an elevated state of consciousness that enables direct communication with cosmic intelligences.


Descendants of Thoth:

Echoing the wisdom of their Nubian and Egyptian cousins, particularly the revered Thoth, the Moors are depicted as spiritual descendants of this ancient time traveler. Thoth, known as the god of wisdom, magic, and time, serves as an inspirational figure, and the Moors inherit his cosmic insights, using them to navigate the celestial seas.


Time Travel and Interdimensional Exploration:

The Moors' divine abilities extend beyond earthly confines, allowing them to unravel the secrets of time and explore interdimensional realms. Animated scenes capture the celestial sailors engaging in dialogues with cosmic entities, unlocking the mysteries of time travel and interdimensional travel. Celestial ships become vessels not only across space but through the very fabric of time.

Cosmic Knowledge Exchange:

As gods of the cosmos, the Moors engage in dynamic knowledge exchange with extraterrestrial beings. Scenes depict celestial conversations with entities from distant galaxies, enriching the cosmic diversity of the universe. The Moors, akin to Thoth, become conduits of universal wisdom, sharing and receiving insights that transcend the limitations of earthly knowledge.

Preserving Ancient Legacies:

The "Sailors to the Stars" collection is a homage to the ancient legacies of Thoth and the celestial traditions of the Moors. Through divine communication, the Moors ensure that the wisdom of their Nubian and Egyptian cousins is preserved, not only in earthly archives but within the cosmic tapestry, echoing through the corridors of time.


Own a Piece of Ancient Cosmic Nubian History:

Explore this enchanting collection that blurs the boundaries between gods and explorers, where the Moors of Spain, as celestial navigators, channel the divine essence of their Nubian and Egyptian ancestry. Each artwork in this collection is a testament to their cosmic journey, inviting you to own a piece of this divine odyssey through time and space.

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